Here at Elation Education Early Learning Centre, we implement the idea that a centre can have an amalgamation of all the great early childhood philosophies.

The Elation Integration Approach maintains that there are great aspects in all the frameworks and has evolved to integrate these aspects. We focus on children as a whole and cater to their social, physical, emotional and cognitive well being. We know children are capable beings when given the opportunity and the tools to learn, children can absorb and benefit from all learning styles. Children’s innate sense of learning is supported by its environment which is embracing and designed with encourage natural element and learning.

Children will be given the opportunity for discovery and exploration. The teachers play integral roles of the facilitator and understand that when the children are enjoying themselves, they will absorb material. The teachers create the best learning environment for the children and facilitate them towards their ability to learn.

The program will have focused time to allow children to work at their own pace and children will be encouraged to be responsible and independent. Emergent curriculum which will foster children socially and enrich their creative thinking. A Creative fine arts program will be part of the classroom dynamic as children learn through music movement and the visual arts.

At Elation Education Early Learning Centre, the goal is for children to learn while having fun and being happy.